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How To Get a Crunchyroll Guest Pass

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Crunchyroll isn’t that expensive at $6.95 a month. Unfortunately, if you’re adding it on top of Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and game subscriptions, it all starts to add up to a lot. The site does have one of the largest legal anime and manga libraries around, though, so is well worth the investment if you have the spare cash. Otherwise, you can find a Crunchyroll guest pass quite easily.

A Crunchyroll guest pass is not a full premium account and does have limits. They are time limited to 48 hours and volume limited to 10 passes per six month period. So if you set up a free account and use a guest pass, you have to binge over a 48 hour period. Since you can only use up to 10 passes every six months, you’re basically going to binge shows every few weeks and then wait a while to do it again.

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guest pass
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Don't worry, all we ask for is your Crunchyroll Email, we will NEVER ask for your password. Any service claiming, they need your password in order to deliver the A guest pass is most probably trying to steal your account. Always keep your password to yourself! You can only use this Site once every 4 hours, any account that attempts to use our Crunchyroll guest pass generator again within this timeframe will be locked out for 12 hours. This is to ensure a safe environment for both our Crunchyroll premium glitch and your account, thank you for your understanding

How do we deliver the Guest pass?

As you may know, you can easily share a guest pass to friends and family quite easily and the same applies to us. We have an more than 10000+ accounts that have crunchyroll premium and once you complete verification we simply send it to the account Email that you entered on our home page. This makes our Crunchyroll pass Generator safe and secure for your account as the only ones in theory breaking the rules are us. We have never had any issues with our account or received any kind of penalty from Crunchyroll. Hooray!

How to Claim CrunchyRoll Guest Pass?


Enter your CRUNCHYROLL Email into the field shown below, make sure it’s correct, once done select submit. Please only submit ONCE every 24 hours, failing to do so will lead to a Hman Verification from our service for 4h ours, this is to ensure a safe environment for your account.

STEP #ii

If our Crunchroll premuim is up and running and your Email was accepted you will be redirected to a Guest pass selection page, on this page you will be presented with FOUR different quantities of Guest pass, choose carefully and remember to always start on a SMALL package and move up slowly.

STEP #iii

after you do selecet your guest pass package and saw that our system has accepted your crunchyroll Email you will be asked to complete one last final step. You may be asked to fill out a Google captcha, or sometimes if our servers are very busy you may be asked to complete a VERY short survey.



Give our Crunchyroll guest pass generator a go and be on the road to enjoy 48h of crunchyroll premium for free.